Lift the Lid - 31 Oct 23

The club held its annual Lift the Lid Dinner on 31 October. The night was organised by Rotarian Bree Boag, with assistance from other members. We welcomed a number of guests to the meeting, some of whom had recently attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) with Bree.
On arrival, each person was given a small gift with a mental health theme attached. Each person read out their theme in turn.
Attendee Gifts
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USC and Mental Health

The Rotary Club of Pine Rivers is a keen supporter of projects to advance awareness of and assistance to mental health of the members of our community. We have been involved in local Lift the Lid projects and have hosted Lift the Lid nights at our club. Indeed, we have members who act professionally in the field of mental health.
The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) has established a campus at Petrie - their Moreton Bay Campus. Our club currently provides two awards annually to the campus. They are the Rose Craig Bursary and the Pine Rivers Rotary Scholarship. USC has a strong involvment in mental health research through the Thompson Institute.
Our club is inviting members of the public to an evening when they can learn about USC mental health research, our club's latest bursary winner, and what plans are in place for the future of the Moreton Bay Campus. Numbers are limited, and tickets must be purchased through our online booking page.
The event will be held at Murrumba Downs Tavern on 16 May, 6.30 for 7pm. Please register. Payment at the door will not be available.
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Club's Raffle has been drawn

The club's latest online raffle has concluded. Thank you to all those who participated. We thank you for your support.
The winners of the raffle are:
1st PRIZE - $300 Bunnings voucher
Liss Whop
Ticket Number: #368

2nd PRIZE - $200 Bunnings voucher
Warwick Fulton
Ticket Number: #304

3rd PRIZE - $100 Bunnings voucher
Joan Bowman
Ticket Number: #68
Congratulations to the winners.
To all our supporters, please keep an eye open for our next raffle.
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Murrumba Christmas Spectacular

This is a Facebook post by Cr Yvonne Barlow. Our club was pleased to be able to be part of the organising committee for this great event.
Thankyou Division 7 for your support at the Murrumba Christmas Spectacular.
A huge thanks to my Mayor and fellow Councillors for your support, also thankyou to Norths Leagues and Services Club, Peter Dutton MP , Luke Howarth MP, Terry Young MP, and Deputy Premier Steven Miles for their sponsorship.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year xxx
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Is Santa a Rotarian?

Is Santa Claus a Rotarian?
There has long been suspicion that Santa Claus is a Rotarian. 
Therefore efforts were put by PDG Chris Offer to discover the truth!
So, Santa needs a Rotary club if he is a Rotarian. Chris checked the International Directory and then the RI web site for Where Clubs Meet. Sure enough, he found a possible club. The Rotary Club of North Pole is in District 5010, Alaska, located near Fairbanks. This is a smidgen baffling since everyone knows the real North Pole is in Canada. Santa may prefer to be in the warmer south of Alaska rather than the north. He could also be a member of an E-club but Chris doubts that as he clearly likes Rotary lunches.
Next Santa would need a classification. There are several possibilities, Toys-Export, Reindeer- Teamster, Counsellor Pre-Adolescent Behaviour, Toys-Manufacturing or Elf Management. All valid classifications. There is no indication of a Rotary pin on his jacket but it could be concealed under all that fur trim. If Santa is a Rotarian, he plainly is a 100% attender and has never missed a Rotary lunch.
The real evidence is, does he act like a Rotarian? Does he put “Service Above Self?” The answer is unequivocally yes. Santa is dedicated to improving the lives of children. He is committed to bringing happiness to children around the world no matter what race, religion, creed or ethnic group they are from. He distributes tens of thousands of books to children to increase literacy and he gives gifts of toys that stimulate young minds to achieve their full potential. He volunteers as a mentor, spending countless hours at shopping malls listening to children’s secret wishes. Santa without question works to realize the Object of Rotary.
The only conclusion that has been reached is, “Yes, Santa Claus is a Rotarian! 
I just hope he does a make up at my club this year! 🎅🎄
This extract is from ROTI - Rotarians on the Internet
Contributed by:
PDG Chris Offer
District 5040 - Rotary Club of Ladner (Delta, BC) Canada
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Raffle drawn and won

Our club has been able to run a successful raffle, because of the kind assistance of many in our community - local and national - who purchased tickets.
The raffle was drawn at our meeting on 3 May, and the winners have been notified.
Congratulations to:
1st PRIZE - Bunnings Gift Cards to value of $300
Tanja Ungerer
Ticket Number: #316

2nd PRIZE - Bunnings Gift Cards to value of $200
Warren Hayward
Ticket Number: #506
Special thanks go to those generous people who assisted our fundraising by adding extra to cover our raffle fees, and also to Bunnings Lawnton for their assistance in the provision of the gift cards.
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Rotary Raffle

Would all our good followers please note that we have started a new on-line raffle. We are inviting people from around the country to help us support our community - local, national, and international.
Bunnings Gift Card
The raffle will run until early May, so be quick to purchase tickets.
We have been supported again by Bunnings Lawnton, who have provided Gift Cards as prizes. Let all your friends know and ask them to support our raffle.
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World Polio Situation

This week, the GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative) got the green light to resume house-to-house vaccination campaigns in Afghanistan which had been halted for over three years. Starting November 8, the campaigns will target over 3.3 million children in parts of the country that were previously inaccessible.
This year has been a successful year so far in terms of the number of cases of polio. So far there is one case only in each of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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Raffle winners

The club's second online raffle has now been closed and won. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all those generous people who purchased tickets. Your efforts will help the club to assist our community locally and internationally.
The successful people were:
1st PRIZE WINNER - $300 Bunnings Gift Cards
Tracy Scott
Ticket Number: #254

2nd PRIZE WINNER - $200 Bunnings Gift Cards
Kathleen Hohns
Ticket Number: #176
The winners have been notified, and we look forward to all of your support in our future raffles.
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On-line raffle

The club has launched another raffle to help us raise funds in this Covid period. Again, we are thankful for the support of Bunnings at Lawnton.
We are able to offer two prizes, one of three $100 gift cards, plus a second prize of two $100 gift cards.
This will give winners the opportunity to purchase goods of their choice from any Bunnings store.
Proceeds will go to support the club's many activities, particularly in relation to youth - locally and internationally.
Please go to our raffle site to purchase tickets, or contact us if you would prefer to buy tickets in person.
Thank you all for your support.
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Raffle Result

Announcing the winner of the raffle for a wheel barrow of hardware (drawn today).
The winner is ticket #170 - Gary Fulton. Congratulations Gary!
The raffle raised over $800 for our youth projects and programs.
Thank-you again to Bunnings Lawnton for donating the wheelbarrow and hardware.
Raffle Result Ron Heitmann 2021-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Fundraising Raffle

Our club has been involved with local schools for many years. We have a long history of support for student achievements and have sponsored many Exchange Students over the years. Recently, the University of the Sunshine Coast has opened its new Moreton Bay Campus at Petrie. We have become involved in the provision of bursaries and scholarships at the campus.
Of course, this recognition of our students costs money, which has become more difficult to raise during the past year. For this reason, we have embarked on an on-line raffle to assist in raising funds. The club ensures that all funds raised from such projects are used entirely for donation to the community, with no club administration costs deducted.
The prize is a barrow load of gear from Bunnings Lawnton. Arrangements can be made for winners from anywhere in the country.
You are encouraged to purchase tickets, and tell your friends and family about the project. We welcome purchases from anyone in Australia.
Please see our raffle page here. Thank you for helping us to support the youth of our area.
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Peace Scholar

Our club is proud to be a host club for Elly, a Rotary Peace Scholar now studying at the University of Queensland.

Elly is from Honduras, Central America. She told us about her country and some of the challenges faced by the people. Honduras has a population of approximately 9.5 million with the capital, Tegucigalpa, being the largest city.

Peace Scholar Ron Heitmann 2020-11-11 14:00:00Z 0

Share the Dignity Project

A campaign for the charity Share the Dignity

Overview: Share the Dignity distribute feminine products and toiletries to women who are homeless or fleeing domestic violence. They assist those in need through collecting thousands of packs of products and toiletries each year, through collection drives and campaigns, then distributing them to women’s refuges, domestic violence shelters, indigenous communities, homelessness charities, drought-stricken farmers and to young people in foster care.

Campaign: The 2020 “It’s In The Bag” campaign will run from the 20th of November until the 29th of November. Drop off points will be available at Bunnings stores nationwide.

Pine Rivers Rotary - purpose of the project: Pine Rivers Rotary participates in the #itsintheBag charity drive to put together personal packs for the campaign and encourages others to do the same. Pine Rivers Rotary has put together suitable bags or backpacks with products and toiletries for women, teenage girls, and babies.

Drop-off: Pine Rivers Rotary will hand over more than 70 filled bags / backpacks on Sunday 22nd November at 10:00am at Bunnings Lawnton.

We are seeking more people to assist. If you would like to make additional packs available, please contact Patricia Riley, our club president, at

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Lift the Lid Walk

Our club will join with the Rotary Club of Kippa-Ring North Lakes on Sunday 15 November to conduct the annual Lift the Lid Walk for Mental Health at North Lakes. We encourage all people who care about mental health, or would just like to get out for a walk around the lake to join us on Sunday. Australian Rotary Health supports research into mental health, and will be the beneficiary of the day's proceeds. For more information and to register for the event, please see this Event page.
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Exchange Students' Farewell Breakfast

On Sunday morning, 28 June, the club held a farewell breakfast for our Exchange Students Silja and Leo.
Unfortunately it was a slightly wet, cloudy day after many sunny days before the event.
Members cooked a hearty breakfast for all who could attend. Thank you!
Leo and Silja were each presented with a gift from our resident wood-crafter, Ray Inkpen.
Exchange Students' Farewell Breakfast Ron Heitmann 2020-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Leo's Farewell Speech

The club had a Zoom meeting to listen to the final speeches by our Exchange Students.
This is Leo's presentation, in photos. Enjoy!
Leo's Farewell Speech Ron Heitmann 2020-06-28 14:00:00Z 0

Silja's Farewell Speech

With these strange times, and the club unable to meet in person, we were forced to accept the farewell speeches from our Exchange Students over zoom.
That meant that a large number of our members did not get to see or hear them deliver their speeches.
Please see below for Silja's speech.
We wish them well as they return home, after their enjoyable time with us.

Good evening everybody, it is a pleasure to see and talk with you again here in Zoom. In only a few more days we will finally see each other again which I am eagerly looking forward to. I feel so lucky that we will be able to say goodbye in real life and not via computers what I was afraid of. Luckily some restrictions have been lifted which allows us to catch up. In exactly ten days it is my time to leave Australia and it is safe to say that I’m not ready to leave.

As you probably have figured, my time in Australia has been absolutely fantastic. I never could have imagined that an exchange year could be this good and I’ve gained lots from this experience. Now I’d like to share some thoughts about why my exchange has been so successful and what I’ve learned. Rather than telling about the amazing experiences I’ve had, I’m going to focus on the aspect of personal development.

During my year, I’ve had three caring host families, a counsellor and this Rotary club which all have been so good to me. They all have listened to my troubles, given me advice in life but most importantly supported me during good and bad times. I was pleasantly surprised on how well I was taken care of and know that I am extremely grateful for everything you’ve done for me. St Paul’s school is an ideal place for an exchange student and I’m really thankful for getting the opportunity to spend a year in one of Australia’s top schools.

People often ask me what the best part of my exchange has been and you’re probably wondering about that as well. I honestly couldn’t give you an answer because so many amazing things have happened throughout the entire year. The first thing that comes into my mind is all the amazing people I’ve met during my time here. Aussies continue to surprise me every day by being kind and friendly towards me even though we wouldn’t even know each other.

One of my goals that I wanted to fulfill while on exchange was creating lifelong relationships. Now, one of my friends has cancelled her travel plans just to come and say goodbye to the airport when I leave and I’m already planning future trips together with my Australian and international friends. I also feel like I have more friends here than back home, so I’d say this goal was definitely achieved.

You’ve probably heard this famous quote by David Mitchell, and by the way it’s not Jo’s Dave I promise. The quote goes like this: ‘’Travel far enough and you’ll meet yourself’’. These words seemed fascinating to me a year ago even though I didn’t understand what it actually meant. Now I truly understand the meaning of this quote. I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses more than ever before and I’ve discovered heaps of things that I enjoy doing. This information is extremely valuable, and it will help me in my future adventures.

Prior to my exchange year I often doubted my talents and was uncertain what I was going to do after graduating high school and this was one of my main reasons to do an exchange. To have a bit of time to think about what I enjoy doing and who I really want to become, you know. During this year I’ve truly understood my potential in life and the future that before seemed so scary has now transformed into a concrete idea that I am ready to give everything I’ve got. I’ve figured out a clear plan how to get where I want to be, and I know that I’m capable to accomplish anything.

I feel extremely privileged to have gotten the opportunity to spend a year here in Australia. I will be forever grateful for allowing me to have this life-changing experience and I hope with my whole heart that you will continue to change lives for the better. Endless thank you for each one of you, you all have helped me to develop as a person. Thank you for hosting me during this whole year, even a pandemic couldn’t stop you. So, congratulations. I’d love to keep in contact with the club and its members, so please, don’t be strangers. Thank you, and I’ll see you on Sunday morning at Bullocky Rest!

Silja's Farewell Speech Ron Heitmann 2020-06-24 14:00:00Z 0 Youth Exchange

Lady Elliot Island

Our two wonderful Youth Exchange students are nearing the end of their year here in Queensland. Leo will return home to Sweden at the end of June, and Silja will return to Finland in early July. We will miss them greatly.
As part of their Rotary activities, our District's Exchange Students recently spent some days on Lady Elliot Island. This is the story put together by Leo and Silja. They clearly enjoyed themselves, and Silja went well out of her comfort zone in learning to dive. This allowed her to enjoy the sights under the water, just like the other students did.
These pictures tell their story.
Lady Elliot Island Ron Heitmann 2020-06-15 14:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Rotary Youth leadership Awards (RYLA) is a Rotary program for young people 18 to 26 years old, aimed at developing their leadership skills and building confidence.
If you know of someone who would benefit from such an experience, please contact us.
Last week we had the company of a past RYLArian, Sheyaan Manricks, and the District co-ordinator, Colleen Caruanna.
Sheyaan, assisted by Colleen was our guest speaker.
He told us about his experience of RYLA and gave us a potted history of the organization.
RYLA was conceived in our own District (9600) in 1959, went international in 1971 and has now been embraced by Rotary around the world.

Sheyaan had a very descriptive slide presentation and showed us many of the activities which were undertaken by Rylarians at the last camp. Currently camps are conducted at Luther heights, Coolum.

He told us about the opportunities for participants to brain storm and develop their leadership skills and to learn what it is like to operate outside one’s comfort zone.
At the conclusion of his talk Sheyaan emphasised the need to identify and support potential in young people and encourage them to attend the programme. The current cost of the RYLA Camp is $995.00.

As a personal aside he told us that, during the camp, he received notification that he had been made redundant from his job at Telstra. Thanks to the personal contacts he had made by attending RYLA he has now obtained a much better job!

Thanks Sheyaan for an interesting and entertaining talk.

President Greg,Colleen and Sheyaan
Rotary Youth Leadership Award Ron Heitmann 2020-02-17 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Charity Golf Day

The Pine Rivers Rotary club will again hold a Charity Golf Day, at Wantima Country Club, on 8 May 2020.
Please note this event in your diary if you would like to take part. We are seeking players, especially corporate groups, and sponsors.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Queensland Brain Institute through the MND and Me Foundation. Both of these groups have been very supportive and have assisted us greatly in our planning.
More information will become available in the near future. Please return to this site for updates.
Rotary Charity Golf Day Ron Heitmann 2020-01-20 14:00:00Z 0

Sunshine Safari

Silja and Leo gave us a report on their adventures at the Sunshine Safari at our meeting on 14 January.
The Safari ran from the 7th to the 14th of December and there were 12 Inbound and 6 Outbound students participating.
The students were hosted by the various Rotary Club on the Sunshine Coast plus the RC of Kingaroy.
While they had many interesting experiences both Leo and Silja spoke about their time at Tin Can bay and feeding the Dolphins.
Leo showed us his ‘awesome’ hat (not sure what made it awesome) and Silja recounted disquiet her when she had an (still) unidentified animal crawl over her face while she was sleeping.
All in all, it seems they both enjoyed themselves.
Sunshine Safari Ron Heitmann 2020-01-20 14:00:00Z 0 Exchange,Rotary

Computers For Learning

Chris Johnston from the organization Computers 4 Learning, or C4L, was our Guest Speaker. Chris has been the manager for many years, and he was accompanied by Veronica Doyle, the new manager. We learned about what the organisation does.
Further information may be obtained by going to:-
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Celtic Festival Day Tour

The club is seeking interest in booking a day trip to a Celtic Festival at Helidon.
More information and pick up points can be found at their web address.
Helidon’s annual Celtic Festival comes alive with groups from far and wide proudly showing off their Celtic heritage. With music, dance displays, massed pipe bands, collectables, medieval re-enactments and knight schools, highland games display and much more, the closed off main street is filled with entertainment and activities for everyone. Purchase lunch at the many food stalls on offer. Today’s fare includes morning tea only.
Pick up points include Taigum shops, Carseldine Rail Station, Aspley, and Chermside.
Please let Brian know if you are interested, or contact the club through our Contact page.
Celtic Festival Day Tour Ron Heitmann 2019-09-22 14:00:00Z 0

Antonio's Farewell

On 18 June, Antonio, our Exchange Student from Denmark, gave us his farewell Presentation.
He gave us a well prepared and thoughtful talk accompanied by a comprehensive slide show.
Antonio began by telling us of his host families and his experiences with them.
First he stayed with Alan and Sandy Stephens and then with the families of two previous Exchange Students, the Dumlao and Anders families (Alesandra and Anja respectively). He then transited to the home of Ray and Helen Inkpen and their family of three dogs, Barry, Trevor and Dolores.
Antonio spoke of his various trips during his year.
His first trip was to Sydney when they overnighted at Byron Bay on the way back to Queensland. He apparently had a great time with the other Exchange Students at Lady Elliot Island and was able to see turtles hatching and go diving on the reef.
He told us he was slightly disappointed when he saw Uluru because he had been told of the magnificent colour changes at sunset. Unfortunately, the day he was there, the colour didn’t change much at all.
His disappointment was overcome by a visit to King’s Canyon where they saw emus and he had a ride on a camel! They also visited a reptile park where he got to see several varieties of reptiles including snakes (he got to hold one) and a number of lizards and skinks.
Antonio spoke with feeling of what he called his ‘Elephant Moments’, the ones you don’t forget.
His first was holding a koala at Lone Pine, another was seeing whales when Ray and Helen took him out on their boat, however his best ‘Moment’ was when, on the Sunshine Safari, they visited the Rotary Club of Kingaroy and a Japanese student told one of the Rotarians that Antonio was his best friend.
Thank you, Antonio for an interesting and informative presentation.
Antonio departs Brisbane at 1:05 on 4th July via Qantas to Sydney, thence home to Denmark, we wish him well.
Antonio's Farewell Ron Heitmann 2019-06-22 14:00:00Z 0 Denmark,Exchange,YEP

Rotary Information Evening

Pine Rivers Rotary is holding an information evening on Tuesday 14 May. If you would like to attend the meeting, please use the "Contact Us" page to let us know your name and how many will be attending.
This letter is to let you know about a remarkable opportunity for you to join a group of motivated local people, just like yourself, for fellowship and encouragement.
Most of us came together because we were looking for like-minded business people with whom to have a chat, socialise and receive some personal encouragement.
As a world-wide community service group we also have the opportunity to give back to others, both in the local area and beyond; to help make our world a better place.
Now this is a special invitation for you, and a number of other local people like you, to learn about what it means to become an active member of Rotary International and to enjoy rich fellowship.
To get to know you and show you more of Rotary, you are invited to an information meeting on Tuesday 14th May at 6 p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. start, concluding by 8.45 pm. There will be a two course meal provided by the club.
You will find us at the Murrumba Downs Tavern, Ogg Road, Murrumba Downs.
Grab a drink at the bar and meet us in the Petrie Room.
For catering purposes please RSVP before Friday 9th May. Check your diary and give me a call or SMS on 0424 443 138, to let us know you will be joining us.
We really look forward to welcoming you, getting to know you and showing you a little of what Rotary is, what it means to us, and what that can mean for you.
Rotary Information Evening Ron Heitmann 2019-05-06 14:00:00Z 0 Membership,Rotary

NYSF 2019

NYSF - National Youth Science Forum - is a programme for students keen on science. It is operated by Rotary clubs in Canberra and Queensland and runs seminars in Canberra (ANU) and Brisbane (UQ) in January each year.
For this round our club had the privilege of sponsoring two students, one from Pine Rivers State High School, and one from St Benedict's College. Prior to January they attended a club meting and spoke about their aspirations for the course, and what they hoped to gain from it.
They returned to the club recently and spoke about the course and how it had affected them.
NYSF 2019 Ron Heitmann 2019-02-15 14:00:00Z 0 NYSF,Rotary,STEM,Science

Pine Rivers Rotary is almost 60!

The Rotary Club of Pine Rivers was chartered in May 1959. We are planning a celebration event for our 60th anniversary on Saturday 25 May 2019.
During the past 60 years the club has conducted a large number of projects and been involved with many people. The club has hosted and sponsored many Rotary Youth Exchange students, sponsored students to RYLA, NYSF, RYPEN, and many more. We have hosted Ambassadorial Scholars and Rotary Peace Fellows.There are also all of the past members and their families who have been involved with the club.
We are seeking to contact as many of these people as possible, so if you know of someone, please let them know. Give the club this information by using the contact link on this web site.
Seating will be limited at the function so you are asked to contact us sooner rather than later if you would like to be a part of our celebration.
Pine Rivers Rotary is almost 60! Ron Heitmann 2019-02-15 14:00:00Z 0 Pine Rivers,Rotary

2019 Dickson Community Group Award

Each year, as part of the Australia Day events, the Federal Dickson electorate calls for nominations from the community for a number of categories of awards. This year, our club was pleased to receive the Dickson Community Group of the Year Award.
Dickson Award The citation reads:
Rotary Club of Pine Rivers – Community Group of the Year
The 2019 community group of the year is an organisation that has worked hard for our district for many years, fundraising and providing services to support those in need.
One of their well-known services is a food van that has operated in the Pine Rivers area since 1994. The van is hired by organisations to assist with catering and has been a great asset for the community.
This organisation has also assisted a number of different causes in 2018 including fundraising to support villages and communities in need in Papua New Guinea.
Another fantastic initiative closer to home, was their charity golf day held at Wantima Golf Club in November 2018. This event raised over $47,000 for the Queensland Brain Institute. A phenomenal effort.
The event took place despite poor weather requiring it to be rescheduled from the original date at the last minute, effectively meaning the volunteers had to organise it twice.
These are just some of the achievements of this organisation over the past 12 months.
I am pleased to recognise the Rotary Club of Pine Rivers by awarding them Dickson Community Group of the Year for 2019.
Congratulations to the club, and sincere thanks to all the members of the public who have supported us in our fundraising projects. We appreciate your support.
2019 Dickson Community Group Award Ron Heitmann 2019-01-30 14:00:00Z 0 Awards,Community,Dickson

Wesley Mission Red Bag Appeal

At the end of 2018 the club supported the Wesley Mission Queensland Red Bag Appeal. Members were given red bags to take and fill with non-perishable food, toys, and other items suitable for less fortunate families over Christmas. Jo Mitchell, our Youth Service Director, managed the project on behalf of the club. She recently received this thank you from Wesley Mission:
Red Bag Appeal Donate Now
Wesley Mission Red Bag Appeal Ron Heitmann 2019-01-21 14:00:00Z 0

Kallangur Probus 20th Anniversary

As the sponsoring club, the Pine Rivers Rotary club congratulates the Kallangur Probus club on their 20 years of service to the retired people of our community.
Congratulations to all past and present members of the club. We wish you all well, and also for a successful club into the future.
Kallangur Probus 20th Anniversary Ron Heitmann 2019-01-20 14:00:00Z 0

New Food Van Steps

Our club has operated our current food van since 1994. It has been hired by many groups within the Pine Rivers area, and has proven to be a great fundraiser for the club.
For some time we had recognised that the small steps used to access the rear of the van were not satisfactory.
Now, with the assistance of a workplace safety company, we have secured a new set of safe steps for the van. This will make access to the van much easier and safer.
Thank you to Workplace Access & Safety for your generous assistance with the steps!
New Food Van Steps Ron Heitmann 2018-11-08 14:00:00Z 0

Charity Golf Day

Posted on Oct 22, 2018
What a great day! Just an update following the Pine Rivers Golf Day two weeks ago. .
Our wonderful sponsors:
The Clem Jones Group; and
Charity Golf Day Greg Bushnell 2018-10-21 14:00:00Z 0

More from our travelling Rotarian

Posted on Oct 22, 2018
Jo Ehrlich is a club member who is on a long trip around Australia.She has travelled down the coast of Western Australia and is heading east along the bottom. One of the pretty towns on the WA coast is Esperance. While there she found a long-standing project of the Esperance Rotary club. If you get there, please check it out.
More from our travelling Rotarian Ron Heitmann 2018-10-21 14:00:00Z 0 Projects,Rotary

Global Grant Project Update

Posted on Oct 22, 2018
Our club is one of the participants in a Rotary Global Grant to assist communities in Papua New Guinea.
To give you a small idea of the efforts of the organisers, see here a photo of the office of Mr Osivo Ombuano, a Rotarian from the Goroka club, and a villager who will benefit from the project.
Global Grant Project Update Ron Heitmann 2018-10-21 14:00:00Z 0

Update from Anja

Anja Anders is the club's current outbound Youth Exchange Student. She is spending a year in Austria, hosted by Rotary families from her host club. She reports:

How is everything going on back home?

I'm currently now 5 months into my exchange and still loving it. I've learnt so many amazing things and seen so many incredible places. We recently went on a Europe Tour and we travelled through France, Monaco, Italy and Croatia. It was absolutely amazing and I think I am now in love with Italy (largely due to great food). I got to know a lot of other exchange students who are all sadly on their way back home now as they are finishing their exchanges. Even though I only got to know these people for such a short time, we still were able to become close and share really memorable experiences whilst travelling through Europe. 

Update from Anja Ron Heitmann 2018-08-06 14:00:00Z 0 Rotary,Youth Exchange

More from our traveller

Jo is continuing her travels through South Australia and is soon heading up the middle to Alice Springs. What a great trip - and time of year to do it!
Back in March she was in Mt Gambier. Always on the lookout for Rotary projects, many are found.
Rotary Wishing Well - A Wish A Coin A Worthwhile Deed Will Help Another Soul In Need.
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Brumbies Blind Cricketers

Some time ago our club applied for a District Grant to obtain funds to assist a group of blind cricketers, started by the local Brumbies cricket team. We obtained the grant, which was half the value our club had spent to purchase the equipment.
On 20 March we had Paul from Brumbies Blind Cricketers to receive the goods that Tricia had purchased.
He told us that they now have eight teams of cricketers, all attached to existing cricket clubs, from Bracken Ridge to Gympie.
An invitation will be coming, to invite us to the season opening.
President Stephen, assisted by Tricia, had pleasure in presenting the equipment to Paul.
Most of the gear
Apologies for the focus.
We look forward to seeing it in use.
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Dare to Dream - the movie

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

How did the push to rid the world of Polio start?

Watch this excerpt of Dare to Dream.

Then spend some money and buy a copy. It will cost you $US25, but $18.75 of that will be a donation to Polio eradication, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will add double that amount, so your donation will be worth almost $57. That is good value for money!

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Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Posted on Mar 15, 2018
RYLA is a 7 day program sponsored by Rotary Clubs to develop leadership and social skills in young people aged 18 – 26 years. It assists those who are destined to be future community leaders or business leaders.
This year the camp will be held at Luther Heights, Coolum Beach.
See the RYLA Brochure here.
The cost for this week-long leadership training seminar is $850. The speakers are high profile leaders of their field in the community, and many observers have rated the cost of this course on a commercial basis at around $5,000. It is definitely good value for money.
If you are a young person in this age group and feel that you would like to take part in this program, please contact us.
Are you an employer, or do you know a young person who would benefit from this program? Contact us for more information.
Be quick! Applications close on 3 April 2018.
Read on for more information.
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Joshua D'Souza - NYSF student

Posted on Feb 19, 2018



Good Evening Rotarians of the Pine Rivers Rotary Club,


As you may know, my name is Joshua D’Souza and I am now a Year 12 student at St Benedict’s College. I would like to share with you my exciting experience in the annual National Youth Science Forum for 2018. NYSF Session A was a highly extensive 12-day program in our nation’s capital, attended by over 200 high-achieving and well-rounded Year 12 students. This program made a platform designed to provide a broader understanding of career pathways and interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM, for interested students. NYSF has empowered students to explore the vast horizons of the scientific world through interactive workshops, meet and learn from renowned research academics and professionals, and become inspired by the current and future developments in internationally recognised research facilities.

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Our Wandering Rotarian

Posted on Jan 15, 2018
This morning I joined the Traralgon Central club for an informal 3 km walk followed by breakfast at a local restaurant.It was a lovely experience, despite the fine, light rain.Past President, Maree spoke about a couple of their projects as we walked:* “Give a Damn; Give a Can”, which collects non-perishable food for those experiencing difficulties during the harsh winter;* Hostel near hospital: the club raised the funds to build several small units to support the families of patients (often with cancer or other chronic / terminal illness).Club members continue to maintain the units and yard, with one of the members heading there from breakfast.A very interesting and pleasant bunch.Cheers Jo
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Our Wandering Rotarian

Ms Jo Ehrlich is our most recent club member, and she is on an 18 month tour of our great country in her camper van. Every now and again we hear from Jo as she travels around and meets up with Rotary clubs where she is visiting. Just recently she has spent some weeks in the Dapto area of southern New South Wales. The Rotary club there is similar to ours. They enjoy lots of fun and fellowship while doing good projects to assist the local community.
During this time she joined in a combined meeting of several Rotary clubs in the Woolongong and Shoalhaven area. On another occasion they visted Don's Farm, a rural hideaway for relaxation and fellowship. On another occasion the club met at a local retirement village.
Read her full report and see her photos...
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Farewell to Geoff

Geoff Wright, member of our club for 20 years, became ill almost two years ago. After a raging battle in which he was not prepared to surrender, he succumbed on 30 December 2017. Around 250 people assembled on the morning of Sunday 7 January 2018 at Shangri-La Gardens to say farewell to Geoff. All who could were wearing (loud) floral shirts in accordance with Geoff's wishes, and he was clapped into the room by those in attendance. Tributes were delivered from the SSSI (Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute), the CEO of the Clem Jones Group (which has a number of arms, including the Clem Jones Foundation and the Clem Jones Centre), the Brisbane Strikers, Pine Rivers Rotary, and members of his family.
At the end of the service our members were fortunate to have the opportunity to form a Guard of Honour as the pall-bearers moved the coffin to the front door of the complex. This was followed by a moving farewell as he was transported from the building. Farewell, Geoffrey Philip Wright.
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NYSF Candidate Joshua D'Souza

Joshua attends St Benedict's College, Mango Hill. He has been selected in Session A in Canberra in January. He loves to do research and is interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and their environmental and social factors.
He hopes that NYSF will give him guidance. He is currently aspiring to do Medicine, but his future is open to engineering and science. After hearing about NYSF from school, he understands it will provide resources, as he wants to work on a greener and healthier future for our world. He wants to expand his horizons in all aspects, and thanked the club for the opportunity to attend the course. [Editor - sorry didn't get more info from his talk - it was very fast, I don't do shorthand.]
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NYSF Candidate Caitlin Svehla

Caitlin thanked the club for the financial support. She is very excited, with only 34 days to go - Session A in Canberra. Her passions are Maths and Sciences. She has the same teacher for Maths A and B, and she credits the teacher for her enthusiasm for the subject. The teacher wanted her to turn down her excitement.
In Physics she is interested in waves, particularly sound waves. While most people her age are saving for a car, she was saving to buy her first full-sized violin. She just loves the sound and knows a lot about the structure of violins.
In maths and science, the classes are male dominated, with about 2/3 boys. She insists that the girls can hold their own in that sphere. She has found the journey to this point of NYSF very entertaining. She spoke to her Mum, as she had not done a job interview. She felt she can't do this, and can't do that, but she is here today, so that is good. At school, she is looking towards health and medical sciences, but is hoping that NYSF will give her some more ideas. She is looking forward to taking to the meeting again after her return. (Her violin is a 2012 model.)
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NYSF Student Zoe Roetteler

Each year our club advertises for potential candidates to attend the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). They are in Year 11 when they apply, and the Forum is held in January of the following year. Venues are the Australian National University, Canberra (where all our candidates will attend), and the University of Queensland, St Lucia. The applicants undergo an interview with their host club and, if successful, will undergo an interview with the Rotary District selection team. After that the successful candidates are informed about which forum they are to attend. Only highly motivated and qualified science students are selected, as the competition level is very high.
This year, our club was in the fortunate position of being able to select three potential candidates, all of whom passed the District selection process and were given positions in a Forum.
Our speaker for this meeting was Zoe Roetteler,
Zoe opened her remarks by thanking the club for the opportunity and for the fee support. She has a strong passion for science, and an obsession with the sky since she was young. She would lie on the driveway or on the trampoline and look at the sky - moon and stars. When he grandpa died and she was quite young, she was told that he had gone to live on the moon, so she watched the moon.
As time went on she started studying astronomy charts, and finding stars. She decided that she wanted to be an Astrophysicist, and attended everything she could. The World Science Festival was visited every year. She read Science Illustrated from cover to cover, and did research. In addition, she followed every science related social media outlet she could find. The ANU provided a free online course so she did that as well. It involved Cosmology, Hubble, and such topics.
In Grade 10 she started to do various branches of science, including Chemistry. She asked herself why should she shut herself off from other aspects of science? She put a chemical element chart on her wall beside the astronomy pictures. Then she did biology. She decided to extract DNA from strawberries and bananas in the kitchen. She tried to make a bananaberry.
Now she is here. She has done years of research and has a head full of useless facts. She doesn't know what to do. She is hoping that NYSF will help.
The club encouraged her, saying that she is on the right track by going to NYSF, and that she will see lots of things she has not even thought of before. The best thing is to go with an open mind and let the Forum talk to her. We congratulate Zoe on such an inspiring talk.
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ShelterBox Australia

Brian Springer, from the Pine Rivers Daybreak club, is the District 9600 ShelterBox co-ordinator. He told us about the operations behind the deployment of ShelterBoxes.

In the first instance, Rotary is on the ground after a disaster. The local clubs provide the initial answers and supervision. The ShelterBox first response teams follow soon after. They receive three weeks of training in Cornwall, UK prior to being part of a team. Because the conditions at a disaster are rarely good, the teams get military type training. One essential prior to their deployment anywhere is to get the Government of the receiving country to grant them safe passage and protection. The environment can be quite unfriendly.

Around the world today, over 85 million people are homeless - so there is a huge need for the boxes. Each box can weigh up to 55kg. Teams have seen local women carry the boxes on their heads over mountains and through rivers. For example, in Haiti, over 30,000 boxes have been delivered.

The equipment in the boxes is changed as necessary to meet the local needs of the disaster survivors. Items like solar powered lights have been introduced, as well as thirst aid stations, capable of providing a family with drinking water. Another option is a ShelterKit - containing tarps, ropes, pegs, tools and all the fixings to make a covered area to live under.

When a ShelterBox is delivered to a family, they are given a Certificate of Ownership - they own the gear, and can look after it for their needs. Often this is the only thing they might own.

In the UK, Tom Henderson started the project. Teams of around 400 volunteers can be called upon to pack the boxes - about 400 per night. From the UK, they are transported by DHL. In Australia, the boxes are held in Bond, and they can be sent with the first aircraft into a zone, usually a RAAF aircraft. Being held in bond means that the boxes can not be sent to a location in Australia. If we need boxes, as has been the case at Bundaberg and the Victorian bushfires, the boxes need to be sent from another country - usually New Zealand.

ShelterBox has Ausaid recognition, and is a Designated Gift Recipient (DGR), which means that any donations are tax deductable. For additional information on the Australian operation, see ShelterBox Australia.

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