Rotary Youth leadership Awards (RYLA) is a Rotary program for young people 18 to 26 years old, aimed at developing their leadership skills and building confidence.
If you know of someone who would benefit from such an experience, please contact us.
Last week we had the company of a past RYLArian, Sheyaan Manricks, and the District co-ordinator, Colleen Caruanna.
Sheyaan, assisted by Colleen was our guest speaker.
He told us about his experience of RYLA and gave us a potted history of the organization.
RYLA was conceived in our own District (9600) in 1959, went international in 1971 and has now been embraced by Rotary around the world.

Sheyaan had a very descriptive slide presentation and showed us many of the activities which were undertaken by Rylarians at the last camp. Currently camps are conducted at Luther heights, Coolum.

He told us about the opportunities for participants to brain storm and develop their leadership skills and to learn what it is like to operate outside one’s comfort zone.
At the conclusion of his talk Sheyaan emphasised the need to identify and support potential in young people and encourage them to attend the programme. The current cost of the RYLA Camp is $995.00.

As a personal aside he told us that, during the camp, he received notification that he had been made redundant from his job at Telstra. Thanks to the personal contacts he had made by attending RYLA he has now obtained a much better job!

Thanks Sheyaan for an interesting and entertaining talk.

President Greg,Colleen and Sheyaan