On 18 June, Antonio, our Exchange Student from Denmark, gave us his farewell Presentation.
He gave us a well prepared and thoughtful talk accompanied by a comprehensive slide show.
Antonio began by telling us of his host families and his experiences with them.
First he stayed with Alan and Sandy Stephens and then with the families of two previous Exchange Students, the Dumlao and Anders families (Alesandra and Anja respectively). He then transited to the home of Ray and Helen Inkpen and their family of three dogs, Barry, Trevor and Dolores.
Antonio spoke of his various trips during his year.
His first trip was to Sydney when they overnighted at Byron Bay on the way back to Queensland. He apparently had a great time with the other Exchange Students at Lady Elliot Island and was able to see turtles hatching and go diving on the reef.
He told us he was slightly disappointed when he saw Uluru because he had been told of the magnificent colour changes at sunset. Unfortunately, the day he was there, the colour didn’t change much at all.
His disappointment was overcome by a visit to King’s Canyon where they saw emus and he had a ride on a camel! They also visited a reptile park where he got to see several varieties of reptiles including snakes (he got to hold one) and a number of lizards and skinks.
Antonio spoke with feeling of what he called his ‘Elephant Moments’, the ones you don’t forget.
His first was holding a koala at Lone Pine, another was seeing whales when Ray and Helen took him out on their boat, however his best ‘Moment’ was when, on the Sunshine Safari, they visited the Rotary Club of Kingaroy and a Japanese student told one of the Rotarians that Antonio was his best friend.
Thank you, Antonio for an interesting and informative presentation.
Antonio departs Brisbane at 1:05 on 4th July via Qantas to Sydney, thence home to Denmark, we wish him well.