Youth Service
In our club, Youth Service involves a number of programmes that Rotary hosts in order to assist in the development of our youth.
We are active in these programmes:
Interact - for High School students in Years 7 to 12. A Rotary-style club environment to develop citizenship and leadership skills in young people. We sponsor a club at St Paul's School, Bald Hills.
RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment - a weekend camp for High School students in High School who could benefit from an experience where their leadership skills are developed in an atmosphere of encouragement. Our District runs a camp annually and we seek candidates at the appropriate time. Please contact us at any time if you would like to nominate a candidate.
RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards - a camp for close to a week open to candidates in the 18 to 28 age group. This camp aims to develop leadership and public speaking skills in young executives. The speakers at this camp are always of very high quality, and a course similar to this would normally cost the participant thousands of dollars. Businesses are encouraged to nominate their staff who would benefit from a confidence boost to assist them with their careers. Contact us at any time to nominate a candidate.
School Bursaries - our club sponsors a number of bursaries at local schools. One is the Rotary Club of Pine Rivers Chemistry Award, for a Year 11 high achiever in Chemistry. Another is the Rotary Club of Pine Rivers Citizenship Award, for a Year 12 student who displays a high degree of care for fellow students and the school. We have recently commenced a Rotary Club of Pine Rivers Music Award for a Music student in Year 12 at St Paul's School. At the Lawnton State School we present The Rotary Club of Pine Rivers Dick Dancer Citizenship Award, for a Year 6 pupil who displays a high degree of care for fellow students and the school. Dick Dancer is a past member of our club, and he was the Principal of that school for many years. We congratulate the recipients of those awards.
NYSF - National Youth Science Forum - open to high achievers in Science in Year 11. This programme is sponsored by Rotary and is a project of Rotary clubs in Canberra. After a very competitive selection process at both Rotary club and district levels, selected candidates attend a live-in course of about 12 days in January, at either the Australian National University in Canberra, or the University of Queensland in Brisbane. (Students from our District will always go to Canberra.) Cost is considerable, however the benefits to the students can be life-changing. Additional opportunities can arise as a result of attendance at this forum.
RAIC - Rotary Adventure in Citizenship, is a programme sponsored by Rotary clubs in Canberra. It involves home hosting students by Rotarians in Canberra for a week to learn about Australia's system of Government. They also gain access to parts of Government buildings not seen by the public. Students normally travel by bus to Canberra to keep costs a slow as possible.
Youth Exchange Programme

YEP: Youth Exchange Program

The Youth Exchange program is available to students who have completed year 12 and are looking for a cultural exchange to a country abroad for a  year. Our club is a strong supporter of the Youth Exchange programme and we support inbound and outbound Exchange students almost every year.

Inbound Exchange Student
Our inbound Exchange student for 2017-18 is Eduardo Junqueira (Eddie), from Brazil. He attends St Paul's School at Bald Hills and enjoys taking part in club activities. It is rewarding to have such fine young people associated with our club.
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Outbound Exchange Student
Our outbound Exchange student for 2017 is Alesandro Dumlao. She is spending a year in Japan, being hosted by Rotarian families from a club in her host city.
See her reports of her experiences here.