NYSF - National Youth Science Forum - is a programme for students keen on science. It is operated by Rotary clubs in Canberra and Queensland and runs seminars in Canberra (ANU) and Brisbane (UQ) in January each year.
For this round our club had the privilege of sponsoring two students, one from Pine Rivers State High School, and one from St Benedict's College. Prior to January they attended a club meting and spoke about their aspirations for the course, and what they hoped to gain from it.
They returned to the club recently and spoke about the course and how it had affected them.
Their enthusiasm for the experience was very evident. From the long bus trip each way, where they came to make new friends, to all of the people they met during the course, it was clearly an enjoyable time.
Being with a large group of like-minded people was a great experience for them. Apart from leaders in science in Australia, they also encountered leaders in the field in other parts of the world, where laboratories are working together in research.
Suddenly, their world expanded significantly, opening new doors to options they can explore as they plan their future careers.
Read the excerpt from our weekly bulletin:
Returned NYSF Students, Erin Brown and Paris Solman were our Guest Speakers. Erin is a student at Pine Rivers State High and Erin attends St. Benedict’s College.

Each of the students spoke about their individual experiences as each was in a different group according to their own scientific interests.

Erin was in the Health and Medical group and visited centres involved with the various Health Sciences such as Cancer Research, Neurological Research and Midwifery. They also visited the Standards Laboratory where they witnessed various drugs being tested, eg; a test to determine the level of aspirin in aspirin tablets. Erin told us that she had not before seen chemistry used in real world applications and this had aroused great interest in her about the possibility of considering this as a future career.

Paris was in a different group according to her interests. She was in the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Group. Her group visited the ANU School of Physics and Nuclear Research and had a lecture on Particle Physics and the future of Science.

They also met with Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Peter Doherty.

Paris told us that the experience had enhanced her passion and love of science and she could see opportunities in the esoteric world of Data Science.

All the students were addressed by Dr. Alan Finkel, the Chief Scientist of Australia. Both Paris and Erin told us that his speech was very inspiring and they were determined to pursue careers in the STEM field.

They told us that they had great memories and had formed lasting friendships with like-minded people.

Paris and Erin thanked the Rotary Club and Rotary for the opportunities they had experienced. The conclusion of their talk was followed by a lively and interesting question and answer session.

Thank you Paris and Erin, it is always heartening to see such enthusiasm for Science in young people. We wish you well for the future.