On Sunday morning, 28 June, the club held a farewell breakfast for our Exchange Students Silja and Leo.
Unfortunately it was a slightly wet, cloudy day after many sunny days before the event.
Members cooked a hearty breakfast for all who could attend. Thank you!
Leo and Silja were each presented with a gift from our resident wood-crafter, Ray Inkpen.
Club President, Greg Bushnell, summed up the club's feelings in regard to our great students.
Then he presented them with farewell gifts from the club. Silja received a black opal necklace (at least she will when the snail mail arrives), and Leo was given a Driza-Bone jacket. Both these gifts are iconic Australian products, which we hope they will treasure in time to come.
Leo was proud to try out his Driza-Bone.
Not only has the club enjoyed the company of our students, they have both developed a strong friendship themselves.